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Topic outline

  • KNOW: Buidling self-awareness skills

    Think of self-awareness as the foundation to living a life of purpose. From career planning, to mental well-being, to building strong relationships, self-awareness is the key ingredient.  

    This module will show you how to strengthen your self-awareness - through accurate self-perception and a better understanding of how others perceive you. 

  • FLOW: Using a Strengths-based Approach

    A strengths-based approach believes that the best way for us to flourish and thrive is by knowing and using our strengths. 

    In this module you will understand what it means to bring a strengths-based approach to your growth journey. You will discover your unique combination of character strengths, and get prepared to shape your goals in a way that aligns with your natural strengths. 

  • GROW: Setting Meaningful Goals

    Equipped with accurate self-awareness and an understanding of your unique strengths, you are now ready to shape meaningful growth goals. 


    In this module you’ll learn about effective goal setting. You’ll start by creating a work purpose statement for yourself; then define the long-term and short-term goals you aspire to reach; and finally learn how to craft specific action plans to get there.