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Topic outline

  • Introduction to Mentoring

    We'll begin in this introductory video with a clear understanding of what Mentoring involves. We’ll discuss the value of Mentoring in the workplace and you’ll also have an opportunity to reflect on what mentoring means to you. You will gain a bird’s eye view of the 4 phases of the mentoring journey namely; Prepare, Initiate, Cultivate and Consolidate and understand the significance of going through these phases sequentially.
  • Prepare

    In this module, you will begin with understanding  what you need to do to gear up for this learning journey with your mentee. I’ll introduce you to the different roles of a mentor, and  this would help you gain clarity on how you could take on each of the roles, to suit your mentee’s needs. 

    You will reflect on what motivates you in becoming a mentor and identify your personal  motivators. As the module unfolds, you will learn about adult learning, and understand how you could apply the principles of adult learning to your own mentoring practice. 

    Finally, you will identify your own learning style and learn how you could use this awareness to adapt to your mentee’s learning preference and help them shape learning journeys that are significant to them. 
  • Initiate

    In this module, you will learn the skills we need as mentors to Initiate the mentoring relationship.  You will begin with exploring the essential skill of rapport building, that will enable you to connect with your mentee and establish a relationship of trust.  You will also learn how to create an environment that is psychologically safe for your mentees. As the module unfolds, you will build clarity on the skill of listening and finally learn how to help your mentees set goals that are aligned to their strengths and aspirations.
  • Cultivate

    This module focuses on the skills required to spot and nurture your mentee’s potential. You will understand how using a strength-based approach helps bring out the best in your mentees. 

    You will also understand the  significance of asking powerful questions and explore the difference between the skills of Advocacy and Inquiry and understand how each of these is an essential part of  those cultivation conversations with your mentee. 
  • Consolidate

    Our focus in this module will be the specific ways in which we map our mentees progress, share feedback, and  consolidate the gains - both for our mentees and for ourselves.