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Topic outline

  • Understanding the Mindset

    During the course of this module you will gain clarity on the term Mindset and explore the differing characteristics of each. As you do so, the module will also help you in understand how a Growth Mindset enables creativity and productivity at both the individual and the organisational level.
  • Shaping the Mindset

    During the course of this module you  will go through 2 videos.

    The first video will take you into the realm of neuroscience. As you explore this realm you will understand the concept of Neuroplasticity and how our brains are strengthened through learning and growth.

    In the second video, you will begin with understanding that a Growth Mindset requires careful nurturing . This process of nurturing and cultivating a Growth Mindset requires one to take small, focused steps along the Mindset Continuum to ensure that one progress is gradual and effective.

    As you familiarise yourself with the Mindset Continuum, it will bring in clarity on how one needs to calibrate one’s travel along the continuum towards building and sustaining a Growth Mindset.
  • Mapping the Imposter Phenomenon

    This module will focus on exploring the Imposter Phenomenon. As we begin to understand this phenomenon , you will appreciate that this phenomenon transcends all genders races and cultures. You will also observe that while this experience could come about for any one at any time, it does however make an exception and favours successful people!

    The module will also help explore the reasons that lead to this experience and discover ways to overcome it.
  • Challenging ourselves - The way forward

    In this final module we will begin to chart our path ahead by familiarising ourselves with some practical and very sound strategies that would support us in our quest for a Growth Mindset.

    Divided across 2 videos  there are 9 strategies that constitute the essence of this module. Each significant and integral in our quest for a Growth Mindset.